/5 Templates Every Sales Rep Should Create

5 Templates Every Sales Rep Should Create

2 Minute Read As a salesperson, it should always be a goal to reduce administrative overhead to put more time in your day for revenue generating activities. If you’ve ever found yourself working on an email for 30 minutes, note that’s almost 6% of your workday spent right there. There are opportunities for taking back time all throughout your day-to-day operations, but let’s first seize valuable minutes and hours spent on emails with templates!

We’re not going to assume any template would work for every industry/business. Instead, we’ll share the ingredients to each recipe. As a rule of thumb – if you’re going to write the same general thing more than once a week, it’s probably worth creating a template.

1) The Discovery Call Follow Up

This can be the most time-consuming email to continually rewrite. After an intro call, you’ll likely be sending a variety of different links, case studies, details on next steps, action items, etc. Create an email template with every possible resource and an area for next steps. Simply delete the resources the prospect won’t need, and you’ll be ready to send.

2) The Demonstration/Onsite Follow Up

Did your prospect stump you on a demo? Maybe they’re moving into a POC? Whatever the result of the demo was, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll be following up. Take a look at the common themes in your follow ups and create a reusable template accordingly.

3) Follow Ups

Replace your circling back and checking in emails with more relevant emails. Create “nurture” templates to send tailored content to your prospects throughout the sales cycle. This will have to be rewritten more than other templates, but you’re bound to be sending a lot more of these

4) Rebuttal/FUD Templates

Do you have a pesky competitor that you were able to successfully dispatch? Be sure to capture that story and get ready to share the narrative as the situation reappears.

5) The Handoff to Customer Success 

The ink is dry, and it’s time for the handoff – one of the more satisfying emails to write. Still doesn’t make it any less time consuming! Create a template that introduces your prospect to your team and that clearly outlines next steps and expectations.

Every 5 minutes you save is 1% of an 8 1/2 hour workday, so don’t forget to put time back in your day with these 5 templates!